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Here you can find images and details on some of the characters featurtred in the 13 PROJECT


Jagen Rosa

Jagen Rosa



Ven Reins

VEN REINS=/ven reɪnz/ (Venn Raynz)

Ven Reins.... Ven features heavily within the 13Project story. Originally Gencore, he rose up through the ranks to the highest levels and was selected to become one of the elite F13 troopers.
as Vens character unfolds you will witness him change allegiance, firstly joining the notorious Nebulo Seven Gorilla Group along with Orahd Hawk before his incarceration in the Vandover Facility. It was there he meet Jagen Rosa and a new friendship was born.. which later gave rise to the Dogs of Storm Town.


Orahd Hawk

Orahd Hawk /ɔːræd hɔːk/ (Oar/rad Hork)

Orahd started out as a Gencore soldier along side Ven Reins and Dejal. Their unit reached the highest rank and became well known within the core.
During their most dangerous mission Oarhd went missing presumed dead.
It was later discovered that she was very much alive and joined a paramilitary group who fought against the Gencore, Nebulo Seven.




QIAU= kwi:aʊ (Kwee/yow)

Very little is known about Qiau at the moment. Her character is a mute mechanic with a robotic left hand. She is extremely gifted and is known to be able to fix up any mech, old world and new… As with many characters she will pop up through out the story and although quiet always has a large presence.




KIVA= /ki:væ/ (Kee/va)

Kiva…. foul potty mouthed hot head, know for her love of heavy firepower and cutting sarcasm. Has a passionate hatred for Gencore and Hacs. Blood born and raised in the slums of one of the largest cities on earth. A true survivor.

personal favourite of mine!



M’ARED= mɑːrɛd (Ma/red)


Neshim Sherat

NESHIM SHERAT= /nɛʃiːm ʃɪəræt/ (Ne/sheem Shear/at)



QUY= /Ki:/ (Kee)




DEJAL= /deʤæl/ (Ded/jal)  





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